Lokale Küche

The local cuisine

In all three small towns Intra, Pallanza, Suna, there are many different restaurants, pizzerias, and local inns offering of every kind of food for every taste and price. For instance, the pizzerias offer dozens of types of pizzas or it is also possible to customize it to satisfy your very own taste.

The restaurants’ rich menus offering a variety of food from the Italian tradition, which goes from the Alps to the Mediterranean.
The local dishes uses regional products and are typical of the old tradition of the lake and the simple rural cuisine.  The adjacent plane to our region provides the rice for our risottos; while the lake provides the fish, of which the most delicious species are Coregone and Persico. From the mountains come many kinds of goat and cow cheeses, which are used to make dishes like Chestnut gnocchi. Mushrooms also are picked in the area. The local wild game that can appear on a menu is the wild boar, roe deer, deer and chamois.

On the hills that make the natural border between the lake and the plain, there are many vineyards cultivations. The typical wines of the area are Nebbiolo, Vespolina and Bonarda.




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